Re: [Honda-C70] Re: 120cc Lifan into a c70 - correct exhaust?


I'm dealing with the same issue, but my motivation is looks and BUDGET. If
you're handy with a welder and cutoff wheel, you can chop your stock exhaust
into five or six pieces and cobble together a straight-through glasspack
style muffler for it. My Chinese clone muffler was all coming loose inside
and was very loud and sounded hideously ugly. My new, half-as-long glasspack
is quieter (not whisper-quiet like the stock C50s) and sounds far, far
better. Here's a video...


On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 5:29 PM, jonyoon <> wrote:

> **
> There really isn't one that will fit our bikes without spending some
> serious moolah.
> Here are some that come straight from Japan, far over my budget though.
> I really like this one:
> And this one really resembles the stock exhaust:
> I just went with one that pointed upwards and blocks the passenger foot
> peg. Then I took it to a friend's muffler shop and he cut and rewelded it so
> that it would clear the center stand, kick starter, and passenger foot peg.
> It hangs a bit lower than I would want it to, but then again, all of the
> aftermarket exhaust will - unless they were specially designed for the cub,
> like those pricey Japanese made ones.
> Good luck!
> --- In, "Tom" <wynnjunk@...> wrote:
> >
> > hello everyone,
> >
> > I've seen many posts on this forum regarding suitable exhaust
> replacements for larger Lifan engines. I have a 120 Lifan that I want to put
> in, but I need to find the correct exhaust. I know that there are exhausts
> out there, but the problem is that they bend upwards and displace the rear
> passenger foot peg. This is a dealbreaker for me, because my girlfriend
> needs it!
> >
> > Has anyone been able to find an aftermarket exhaust which is suitable
> for120cc engines and that goes straight back, like the stock exhaust for the
> 1983 C70?
> >
> > thanks very much in advance,
> > Tom
> >

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