Re: [Honda-C70] oil change 1983 C70


I use a O ring works fine.

From: Mike Gladu <>
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 4:53 AM
Subject: Re: [Honda-C70] oil change 1983 C70


At 7:04 AM +0000 10/16/11, brenda.lees wrote:
>Hi Folks, Just wondering if you can help me with this. Is there
>supposed to be a washer for the oil drain plug/bolt? If so, what
>Many thanks, Brenda

Yup. An aluminum flat washer. Aluminum deforms a little each time
it's compressed, so it seals well for cheap.

12mm x 20mm (inside and outside diameter).

A plain non-steel washer might work temporarily, but is not
recommended. You need the soft metal material to seal well, stay
tight, and hold the oil in.

Otherwise you'd need some kind of sealant on both sides of the
washer, and that goops up the bottom of the engine in a way that
isn't easy to clean, and it isn't as simple and effective as aluminum.

Mike G.
(from England)

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