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Hopefully you told them about the plug.  That could be catastrophic to someone.

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Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 2:28 PM
Subject: [Honda-C70] 1981 C70 Passport

FYI: All those waiting on dratv to get their clone carbs for 80-81 C70 Passports; they are back in stock. Ordered one for myself today. A note also on the no name spark plug that dratv ships with their replacement head and piston set, throw it away. Mine has been running for less then 200 miles and the spark arm was falling apart. I don't know why but it had eroded down to almost nothing. Put my old NKG back in and the bike ran much better. It had been getting hard to start and idle smoothly lately. Spark plug was the reason. Valve lash was still set at .002" but the new points had closed up a little. Adjusted them back to .016".

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