[Honda-C70] Re: engine overheating


I'd assume if left sitting for too long it would cause pitting but I'm not exactly an expert either.

So, I bought some Marvel Mystery Snake Oil Extreme 2.0

I poured roughly an ounce or two into the crankcase & the same for what I assume to be 4/5 of a full tank. I'll probably ride as-is for 50-100 miles, throw like 1/4 of the 16oz bottle in the crankcase for an extra few trips around the neighborhood & then change into this proper quart of non-resourse-conserving 10W-40 I just bought, using the rest of the bottle here & there when refilling the gas tank to make sure the top end is nice & shiny...er.

What do you guys think? The mysterious salesman said it was totally legit!

--- In Honda-C70@yahoogroups.com, "A" <ak6666666@...> wrote:
> Just a nubie question...
> What will happen if diesel of even petrol goes into those places which you mentioned for one minute? Excessive wear? Is it one of the major motor sins?
> Ali
> --- In Honda-C70@yahoogroups.com, Mike Gladu <mgladu@> wrote:
> >
> > At 12:59 AM +0000 10/19/11, Jean Luc Picard wrote:
> > >Maybe this is something that would go away with a diesel flushing,
> > >but it sounds unlikely...perhaps I should tear the engine apart to
> > >install a high-volume oil pump...
> >
> > Never flush the engine with diesel unless you plan to take it apart
> > and blow out the oil passages. You don't want diesel pumped into the
> > cam and rocker area, let alone onto the crank bearings.
> >
> > Test the oil flow by turning over the engine by hand with the oil
> > journal nut off on top of the head. Re-torque all four head nuts
> > after the test.
> >
> >
> > Mike G.
> > -
> >

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