[Honda-C70] Newbie here


Howdy everyone. I am new to the group and joined as a recommendation from my friend Tim. I am a long time motorcycle rider and just became the owner of a 1981 Passport. I've been keeping up on the threads and have been doing a little research but wondered about some help if at all possible.
My problem:
Electric ignition does not work. My research has brought me to the conclusion that, number one, I have a bad Neutral Safety switch, number 2, the starter solenoid "could" be defective, and number 3, I can't get the starter to turn over. I have tried to bypass the safety switch, (this is how I determined it to be bad), after bypassing the safety switch I could jump the solenoid and could hear a click and some humming. Any suggestions?
I am also wondering if anybody has spliced a fuse to their headlight to avoid the dreaded "dead battery spike" that kills the headlight? Thoughts, ideas?
Also, I have already purchased several items from Beatrice Cycle but they didn't have everything I needed. ie. the Neutral Safety switch. I am also looking for a leg shield and some shocks. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,

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