[Honda-C70] engine overheating


So it turns out my cam chain tensioner was fine, it's just when my engine (initially) overheated I also just happened to break the head off the nut that holds the front rack mount on & it caused some washers to rattle.

So, I changed the oil with what I had available (sadly, energy-conserving 10W-30) & thought all was done. Then I heard it slow down again. I pulled over (w/o stalling the engine) & idiotically opened the oil port again, getting sprayed with oil, again, but yeah there was smoke. So, I let it cool & went off on my trip again, the engine stayed running but I made sure not to go full throttle for too long at once & I made it home, another 15 miles north.

One thing I noticed was when I went full throttle past 35mph, the engine would surge after a few seconds. Anyone know what's going on?

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