Re: [Honda-C70] Tire and brake changing


tires are finger pinching, frusterating and time consuming... but
plan for it and take breaks. do it where you can leave it out for a
while. I used the tool kit pliers (they come apart for tire irons)
and wish I'd found a set of larger ones to barrow. Remimber if your
putiing in new tires new tubes are nice too. get it all done at once.
the ride is sure nicer on new rubber.

bill in palm desert.

On 9/20/11, Thadwallen <> wrote:
> I'm getting ready to change my tires and breaks on my 81 C70 and I was
> wondering how hard of a job it is to get the back wheel off and dealing with
> the chain and also how difficult is it to replace the breaks. I could use
> some advice and good pointers!!!
> Thanks for your time Thadd

William Bryson RNC, WOCN
74773 Gary Ave.
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