Video: Lexus IS-F Goes Under the Crusher in California for Street Racing? Not So Fast…

A video showing an if not brand new, a not so old Lexus IS-F V8-powered sports saloon being crushed to death is making the internet rounds today.

The person that uploaded the specific clip says that local police officers in the state of California crushed the vehicle after they confiscated it for illegal racing. We looked around on the web, but we couldn't find any information regarding this claim.

Sounds like a great story but before you rush to accept the Youtube poster's version of the incident, you may want to know that we discovered the same exact video uploaded in December of 2010, but there's no mention of the car being confiscated.

Furthermore, we also found another recent clip of a Hyundai Genesis sedan being destroyed by the same crusher (notice the background and the blue color on the metal structure).

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