Re: [Honda-C70] Re: Punching out the bearings?


You can remove the bearings with a punch.
First you to have to use a heat gun like a hair drier. I have a shop hot air gun that is very hot.
You need to warm up the aluminum hub around the bearing area. The idea is to heat the aluminum
not the bearing. Then with a very long small diaemeter drift with a square edge, you go in from the other
side and try to push the center spacer out of the way and catch the very edge of the inner bearing race.
You only hit it once, then you move to the other side of it and hit it once. The bearing has to come out 
straight so hitting one side more then the other will cock the bearing and it will jamb in the bearing bore.
The punch has to be very long and small in dia as you are tring to catch the edge of the bearing
thru the inner hole of the other bearing which is not that big in dia and the lip of the other bearing is very small.
To install the bearing it is best to use a press and a speciel pressing spacer. A large socket might work
make sure you test it first as it has to fit in the bearing bore loosly or you will be very madd when it sticks.
Portland OR 

From: Jean Luc Picard <>
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Subject: [Honda-C70] Re: Punching out the bearings?

It's impossible to hit it square when you have 2 bearings of the same size in the rim...

--- In, M J <mattjne@...> wrote:
> I'd suggest really halling off and hitting square in the chin with a big
> punch:) I alwaya have bad luck with O'reilly's
> On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 6:28 PM, Jean Luc Picard <atari2600a@...>wrote:
> > **
> >
> >
> > So O'Reilly did NOT have the bearing removal kits I was looking for. Also
> > they shipped back my special order spark plug without even calling to tell
> > me it arrived.
> >
> > Has anyone had luck punching them out with a small punch?
> >
> >
> >
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