Re: [Honda-C70] Re: engine overheating


Say i have some land to sell, Walmart wants it, you will make millions!!!!!!!!!
OK the internal combustion engine will run on anything and anything will provide lubrication.
BUT the clutch plates on the wet clutch design that shares the engine oil with the clutch
have a few things you should keep in mind, the clutch plates do not like odd things
other then straight engine oil. Modifiers to get better gas milage is one of them, the other is
odd things. We do not know of all the things you and someone can add to the engine
and still have good shifts (ie the clutch and discs stick together), or slip (the clutch never
full grips, might be minor or even be able to rev engine  and bike does not speed up)
For me I would drain the oil, add the correct type and drive it a few miles and change
it again. The longer you run it the worse it might get.
Now for adding anything to the gas, for this bike the only thing to worry about is if it is
to strong it might attack the plastic float, other then that go for it.
Portland OR


Fr om: Jean Luc Picard <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 10:00 PM
Subject: [Honda-C70] Re: engine overheating

I'd assume if left sitting for too long it would cause pitting but I'm not exactly an expert either.

So, I bought some Marvel Mystery Snake Oil Extreme 2.0

I poured roughly an ounce or two into the crankcase & the same for what I assume to be 4/5 of a full tank. I'll probably ride as-is for 50-100 miles, throw like 1/4 of the 16oz bottle in the crankcase for an extra few trips around the neighborhood & then change into this proper quart of non-resourse-conserving 10W-40 I just bought, using the rest of the bottle here & there when refilling the gas tank to make sure the top end is nice &

What do you guys think? The mysterious salesman said it was totally legit!

--- In, "A" <ak6666666@...> wrote:
> Just a nubie question...
> What will happen if diesel of even petrol goes into those places which you mentioned for one minute? Excessive wear? Is it one of the major motor sins?
> Ali
> --- In, Mike Gladu <mgladu@> wrote:
> >
> > At 12:59 AM +0000 10/19/11, Jean Luc Picard wrote:
> > >Maybe this is something that would go away with a diesel flushing,
> > >but it sounds unlikely...perhaps I should tear the engine apart to
> > >install a high-volume oil pump...
> >
> > Never flush the engine with diesel unless you plan to take it apart
> > and blow out the oil passages. You don't want diesel pumped into the
> > cam and rocker area, let alone onto the crank bearings.
> >
> > Test the oil flow by turning over the engine by hand with the oil
> > journal nut off on top of the head. Re-torque all four head nuts
> > after the test.
> >
> >
> > Mike G.
> > -
> >

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