Re: [Honda-C70] No signs of life after bike rested on it's side for roughly a week


I am thinking you trashed your battery by not removing it before shipping it.  lead acid batteries are not designed to be laid on their sides, you may have had the cells short themselves or sulfate the plates.  You might bring it back to life with a trickle charger but I would guess you will need a battery.  You also might double check your battery housing to make sure some acid did not leak out and start some corrosion.

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Subject: [Honda-C70] No signs of life after bike rested on it's side for roughly a week
Date: Monday, October 17, 2011, 5:20 PM


My '81 C70 just showed up and upon unloading it, I tried to see what sort of state it was in but turning the key showed no signs of life.

The bike started up and ran approximately 2 weeks ago so I pulled the battery which looked to be in decent shape. Water level (?) looked to be in the right range as well.

I don't have a meter (yet) so I couldn't check the battery's vitals.

Has anyone else experienced this when a bike has been on it's side for roughly a week?



'81 C70

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