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OK I get it , your starter motor circuit is bad.  The neutral switch has to many moving parts for it to sit ,so it gets
high resistance and thus the ground circuit goes away. You can make a neutral switch to fit a C70 from a Honda TRX90
P/N 35750-GB4-680. Just file the shoulder till the switch seats farther in.
The starter relay might be saved. Take it out of the bike, hook it up to a good 6V battery at the coil leads, the small terminals 
so the solenoid will close with no load across the large terminals. Do this alot, the idea is to slam the solenoid close to self clean the 
Next you need to make sure all the connections on the bike are clean. Battery post + to the short lead to the solenoid, battery - 
to the ground lead, the ground lead to the frame, the lead to the starter motor and the starter motor post. You might have to
loosen the starter motor from the engine to clean between the starter motor and the engine as that is the ground for the starter motor.
The same with the engine, make up a wire to attach to the motor grankcase and run it to a clean place on the frame to get a good ground.
The original ground from Honda is the contact from the engine mount bolt boss to the frame which by now is dirty and has poor
contact. Do not forget the start button on the handle bar, it is two small pins that get bridged by a brass bar when you press the button.
It will be dirty and have poor contact when you press the button.  
When you get ready to test the starter, just hook the battery to ground , the soenoid  and to the starter and with the bike in neutral
jump across the solenoid large terminals with a big screw driver, the starter motor should turn over.
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Subject: [Honda-C70] Newbie here

Howdy everyone. I am new to the group and joined as a recommendation from my friend Tim. I am a long time motorcycle rider and just became the owner of a 1981 Passport. I've been keeping up on the threads and have been doing a little research but wondered about some help if at all possible.
My problem:
Electric ignition does not work. My research has brought me to the conclusion that, number one, I have a bad Neutral Safety switch, number 2, the starter solenoid "could" be defective, and number 3, I can't get the starter to turn over. I have tried to bypass the safety switch, (this is how I determined it to be bad), after bypassing the safety switch I could jump the solenoid and could hear a click and some humming. Any suggestions?
I am also wondering if anybody has spliced a fuse to their headlight to avoid the dreaded "dead battery spike" that kills the headlight? Thoughts, ideas?
Also, I have already purchased several items from Beatrice Cycle but they didn't have everything I needed. ie. the Neutral Safety switch. I am also looking for a leg shield and some shocks. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time,

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