Re: [Honda-C70] Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in the San Diego area


Try Vespa Motorsports on Pacific Highway. (619)280-1718.  A mechanic there likes working on the C70.  I received good service there.

Duke Hem

From: gnevesd <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 10:33 PM
Subject: [Honda-C70] Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in the San Diego area

I am taking delivery of an 81' C70 and while I'm somewhat mechanically inclined (I do the maintenance on my small outboard motor and routine stuff on my dirtbike), I'm looking for suggestions on a good mechanic in San Diego.

A friend purchased the C70 for me so I haven't actually ridden it yet!

I want to get the bike in stable condition so that I can commute the 6 miles to work down Hwy 101 without worrying too much about breaking down.

I don't have any experience troubleshooting or rebuilding a carburetor or messing with points.

Thanks in advance,


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