MTM Audi RS3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI

MTM Audi RS3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI


MTM Audi RS3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 06:09 AM PDT


MTM RS3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI

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When asked about the engine power, a simple “enough” was at one time the answer of the distinguished representatives of a luxury English marque, chosen by the aristocracy as their favored means of passenger transport.

“Enough” is also the answer given today by Roland Mayer, CEO of the exclusive Ingolstadt-based small-volume manufacturer, MTM, when asked about the power of the RS3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI. And the man isn’t wrong, as every conceivable high-tech component can be mounted under the bonnet of this four-door Audi compact car, which falls in the 340 to 472 BHP bracket – making it incredibly fun to drive. And because MTM always balance dynamic drive with quick braking, it goes without saying that adjustments to the braking system of the wildcat RS3 were required.

For Roland Mayer, exhaust systems specifically tailored to suit the different power variants were just as essential – contributing as they do to the overall sound of the vehicle: “The sound is just the backing track that accompanies the simple flow of hot exhaust gas.”

In the highest performance class, the robust five-cylinder can reach 472 BHP and a maximum torque of around 600 Nm. A modified turbocharger gives the engine a high-powered air supply, and modified spark plugs ensure the optimal firing of the combustion chambers. After a good 10,600 Euros and around 15 hours worth of high-tech engineering, the superior RS3 Sportback is fit for the road again – complete with TÜV approval and official blessing. An equally powerful variant is also available for export, yours for 1,000 Euros less.

A customized A3 Sportback like this one is faced with very little competition. Those who enjoy the story of David and Goliath (or anyone else for that matter) will be delighted by this compact powerhouse with MTM’s intelligent engine technology: it’s enough! Precise technical details are included on the data sheet, although in this case the true scope of the MTM performance bundle is definitely worth experiencing first hand.


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MTM Audi RS3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI