[Honda-C70] Re: oil change 1983 C70


Hello Brenda

part #16, 94109-12000, at
Should be available as was stated at a Honda dealer, or any hardware store or auto store (that's where I get mine!).

Ron in NJ

--- In Honda-C70@yahoogroups.com, Mike Gladu <mgladu@...> wrote:
> At 7:04 AM +0000 10/16/11, brenda.lees wrote:
> >Hi Folks, Just wondering if you can help me with this. Is there
> >supposed to be a washer for the oil drain plug/bolt? If so, what
> >size?
> >Many thanks, Brenda
> Yup. An aluminum flat washer. Aluminum deforms a little each time
> it's compressed, so it seals well for cheap.
> 12mm x 20mm (inside and outside diameter).
> A plain non-steel washer might work temporarily, but is not
> recommended. You need the soft metal material to seal well, stay
> tight, and hold the oil in.
> Otherwise you'd need some kind of sealant on both sides of the
> washer, and that goops up the bottom of the engine in a way that
> isn't easy to clean, and it isn't as simple and effective as aluminum.
> Mike G.
> (from England)
> -

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